5 Cooking with coconut oil benefits

There are many health benefits of cooking with coconut oil and with a little change you can start reaping the coconut oil health benefits by simply replacing your current cooking oil with coconut oil today.

Here are 5 reasons to make the switch today.

1. Coconut oil helps weight loss.

Coconut oil is the most weight loss friendly oil in the world. Its abundance in nutrients has many positive effects here is how cooking with coconut oil helps boost your metabolism.

  • Coconut oil is considered thermogenic which makes your body expend more energy at rest. One study showed an average daily increase in caloric consumption by 120 calories at rest in a day which is a good amount considering there was no difference in routine except to consume 1-2 tablespoons (15-20 mg) of coconut oil daily.
  • Composed almost completely of Medium Chain Triglycerides, fatty acids that boost the metabolism, coconut oil is different than other saturated fats. The body metabolizes medium chain fatty acids more efficiently because they do not have to be broken down in the intestines first. It is also shown that medium chain fats are harder for the body store.
  • Cooking with coconut oil health benefits also include ridding the body of the the “dangerous” fat that sits in your abdominal cavity therefore decreasing your risk for diabetes.

2. Coconut oil boosts the immune system.

Cooking with coconut oil benefits immune system health as it is contains a variety of healthy fatty acids including lauric acid, capric acid and caprylic acid which have anti bacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties that boost the immune system. Lauric acid contains a very high concentration of MCFA fatty acids (about 75%).  Monolaurin which is shown in clinical studies to heal viruses such as Herpes Simplex, Influenza, and other viruses is what the body uses lauric acid to produce.

3. Coconut oil makes delicious desserts

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Coconut oil brownie recipe

Many great cooking with coconut oil recipes are available online. Another delicious way to incorporate coconut oil into your diet is through dessert. This Coconut flour brownie recipe can be found here. There are thousands of recipes and variations you can use to create a delectable dessert for your next meal.

4. Cooking with coconut oil benefits cholesterol levels

Saturated fats in coconut oil increases the healthy cholesterol (HDL) in the body and also helps to convert bad cholesterol (LDL) to HDL. Cooking with coconut oil increases the HDL in the body helps promote a healthy heart and lower the risk of heart disease.

5. Supports healthy digestion

The fatty acids mentioned above also support and improve the digestion system. Cooking with coconut oil has shown to improve digestive conditions and microbial related tummy bugs. Coconut oil helps the body absorb fat soluble vitamins, calcium and magnesium. When consumed with omega-3 acids they can be twice as effective making them immediately consumable by the body.


Switch to cooking with coconut oil today. What are you waiting for?

Buy Coconut Oil today!


*For informational purposes only. 

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    For such a small change coconut oil has so many health benefits.

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